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Posted by on Feb 19, 2016 in Good Child, Healthy Child |

How To Be A Good Foster Parent

How To Be A Good Foster Parent

Are you planning to be a foster parent? Do you want to be a good one if ever you will be fostering a child? Well there are plenty of ways to make sure you become a great foster parent and fill your duties and responsibilities the right way once you have your foster child living with you. These are just some of the tips that will help you on how to be a reputable foster parent. If you are planning to be a foster parent, will lead you on the way.

Provide the child’s needs as much as possible

A good foster parent is one that looks after the child well enough and fulfills their basic responsibilities when it comes to fostering. Your foster child needs your support, you must always be able to fulfill not only his/her physiological needs but also his/her emotional needs.

Maintain a healthy connection with the child

Your foster child needs a healthy relationship with you. Be someone who they can look up to, be a good model while they are under your roof.

Also don’t forget to not only maintain a connection with the child but also their birth parents. Talk to them every once in a while about how the child is doing. Let them know about what they are up to. Learn more from them about your foster child and in return, tell them about what your child has been up to. Let them acknowledge the child’s development and achievements so the child will feel appreciated and valued.

Help the child cope with transitioning

Eventually, your foster child will have to get back to his or her birth family or to his or her adoptive home. If you have been close to the child and you have formed a close bond overtime, it may not be easy on both you and the child to say goodbye. To make sure that your foster child will be able to cope well with moving, always be positive and let the child hear good things about it. Don’t vent about it when the child is around, it would be better to just talk about it when the child cannot hear so it will not stress him/her out. While your foster child is staying with you, it is a good idea to let him/her keep a lifebook with all the updates with the child’s life so he/she will have something to grasp. If possible, hold out a celebration for the child when he/she have to move out, that way it is perceived as a positive thing rather than a sad one.


If you follow these ways, you are sure to become a good foster parent. There might be responsibilities that go on with fostering a child, but don’t worry much.

Just as long as you are clear with your intentions and you want to genuinely be able to help a child and a family, you will be a good one for sure. It even might be a tedious process but that’ll all be worth it once you realize how much you can change someone’s life in a good way. If you are really persistent on being a good foster parent then you must visit for further details about fostering.