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STEM toys develop a wide range of skills, including motor skills and eye and hand coordination. When you play, your imagination is developing and, for example, role-playing equipment is able to approach everyday things softly. Also learning about numeric skills and colors in toys is of great importance.

With the sets of STEM Mechanics children learn how to use a drive belt reduce friction and increase power and speed enormously.  For thousands of years we use these techniques, discover how they are still an indispensable part of our modern machines.  STEM toys really are working machines including a material lift, home trainer, gantry crane, crane and a windmill.

The box contains educational manual with exciting experiments and an explanation of the scientific principles on which the machines and techniques are based. STEM toys stimulate the creativity and knowledge of children by building and experimenting. You can easily follow the construction instructions online or in the booklet for all models.

The sets were developed by teachers and academics and based on the latest pedagogical developments in STEM education.


  • 18-page booklet with experimental activities, theory, building instructions and quiz
  • Different STEM toys for changing power and direction
  • There are 8 models to build
  • Recommended age: 8+
  • 3D interactive instructions to download on your smart device
  • Dimensions of box: 37 cm x 28 cm x 5.5 cm

The influence of STEM toys for kids:

stem toys for kidsThe discovering STEM toy sequence has been developed by experienced academics and teachers, in response to the latest pedagogical trends to combine theory with practice. It says that the influence of educating children in these fields stimulates creativity, coordination, innovation, and detailed focused brain activity from a young age.

Each package contains an extensive booklet, covering a wide range of topics: Simple Machines and Mechanics, Newton’s laws, Structures, renovated energy and Programmable Robotics even!

The series deals with the core subjects of STEM – Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering – in a fascinating and enjoyable way.

STEM toy system is the most highly developed and versatile perhaps three-dimensional construction toy in the market these days!

With the STEM toy system you can create any angle with both the fixed 45 degree connector and the hinged connection section. Each set has been particularly designed to be educational and creative both.

What use to make this product very much unique happens to be the diversity of innovations in efficiency and functionality? The original design of the parts makes snap-fit ​​connection of up to six sides at once!

High Utility

When choosing toys, the child’s age is important.

Under one year old, there are plenty of soft toys that fit in the hand and have different prying surfaces. A toddler is interested in toys that have movement or can move around. Even toys that develop fine motors – such as building blocks and puzzles – are beginning to be of interest. More than three years later, supply and favorites are increasing, including various role plays and building bridges.

Excerpts and schoolchildren are interested in the potential of new technology. The new curriculum has brought more programming and robotics to schools, which will be taken into consideration when developing the toy supply. Traditional toys and board games, however, are strongly involved in the woods of schoolchildren and schoolchildren now and in the future.

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