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Air travel has become regular nowadays even to families with newborns. However, usually, only with older kids, the parents start worrying about save flight. Toddlers and children of the age from 5 to 14 have a vivid imagination and quite often are susceptible to aerophobia — the fear of flight. Yet, the parents can do a lot to overcome the fear and even turn it to curiosity. Let’s see how.

Map the Flight

The highest fear is one of the unknown. Calm it down downloading the app or visiting the Show how many planes are making their way in the sky, which ones are passing above your head now — and safely land afterward. Find the aircraft you are going to travel in (or alike) and track its way on the map together with the kid. Complete the virtual tour with the real impressions. Take your kid to the airport or to the airplane museum, show the planes, the cockpit, the salon. Tell about pilots, stewards, and their work. Let him or her take on the pilot cap and feel connected to the flight process.

Check Your Own State

Frequently, a child does not fear the flight itself, but unmistakable detects the tense and anxiety in the parents. Being emotional about the upcoming flight, parents give a signal “something is wrong out there”. Disclose your own attitude to the planes and flights. Be honest. If there’s some fear, cure it in yourself first. If there’s no time for that, just explain the situation to your child. Say you feel unwell about the flight despite the fact you know it is safe. In most cases, such honest talk will lead to much less or no personal fear in the kid.

Find Out about the Child’s Fear

Talk with your kid about the forthcoming journey. Playing a role game picturing your holiday or trip is a good idea as well. It might turn out that the little one is not afraid of the flight but unwilling to leave home or to visit the unknown places. Finding the real reason for fear is 80% of removing it.

Organize the Time during the Flight

Prepare the favorite games and books, markers and paper, learn some rhymes. Search for the suitable onboard games on the Web but make sure not to bother your neighbors much. A tablet with the cartoons and earphones might be a good idea as well. You can also increase the interest promising a new toy to be presented to the child onboard — and keeping the promise, for sure.

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